Route audits are a valuable tool in the waste industry. For years companies have performed their own route audits to uncover on-site account information, which can include confirmation of bin size or assessment of service challenges. Audits are also helpful in understanding new franchise contracts or finding chargeable services in existing franchise contracts. Audits can be used to assess driver efficiencies, to determine whether customers are being collected on stop-service, or to identify those who are not paying their accounts.


FleetGenius has recently audited tens of thousands of businesses for the City of Los Angeles Franchisee contracts for most haulers that were awarded service areas. We used our own customized route audit software to record a variety of account details, including bin size, bin type, pull out length, percentage of recyclables, and other important service details. At the end of the audit, FleetGenius  provided that valuable data to our customers in the form of detailed reports combined with color-coded, GIS service area maps.

FleetGenius accurately capture pictures and notes in real-time so that management can view the audit as it happens. Our auditing procedures deliver accurate and actionable data that will help you isolate problem areas and uncover hidden efficiencies to leverage in the future.

FleetGenius  can design an audit solution that will deliver your desired results.

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