Your strong brand offers a powerful competitive advantage in the marketplace. Your company offers essential services and you own a service brand that establishes a differentiated presence in your market that attracts and retains loyal customers. FleetGenius understands the high value of your service brand. With acquisitions or asset swaps your company may gain a large number of metal container assets - bins, roll-offs, or compactors, plus trucks. Rebranding these assets is critical to expanding and sustaining your valuable service brand in the minds of your customers.


FleetGenius provides full-service rebranding that includes not only painting and brand logo application, but repairs and refurbishing when necessary. Our rebranding services will allow you to present the best possible image that upholds the hard earned and respected service standards of your company. FleetGenius is well aware of the many operational tasks associated with acquisitions and asset swaps. Our rebranding services eliminate your time, labor, and logistics headaches to provide consistent visibility of your company’s image.

Whether it is an acquisition or asset swap, FleetGenius rebranding helps you focus on adjusting to the changing service footprint in your market. We provide you with peace of mind knowing that your new customers know who you are.

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