FleetGenius has pioneered plastic welding in the waste industry. Repairing cracks in plastic containers restores the usefulness of the item and keeps plastics out of landfills. Cracks occur in plastic containers due to extreme heat, cold, and use over time. FleetGenius repairs both plastic carts and bins using our signature, patented process of Poly-Welding. Our Poly-Welding process heats the plastic to the original manufacturing temperature, and the completed weld is actually stronger than the original factory material.

Our welding process begins by thoroughly washing each cart. Once the container is washed, we begin the repair process. Our technician then drills the crack with a special Dremel bit and tack-welds the site. The container is welded on both sides using a Drader welding gun and a color-matched material. With the repair still warm, the technician shaves off any excess material leaving a smooth surface on the outside of the container. The finished work just looks like a scratch.

We have extended the life of thousands of plastic containers by repairing broken, out-of-warranty containers. Our plastic welding and container maintenance contribute to yearly customer cost savings ranging from the thousands of dollars. Our goal is to extend the useful life of every container repair and reduce your annual cart purchasing budget.

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