History of FleetGenius, LLC


Steven Fenzl started CanDO!™, a small plastic welding company in 1999. Steve was looking for a way to grow his welding operation by identifying large volumes of plastic items that could be repaired.  Steve found a demand to repair cracked and broken plastic carts for waste haulers.  

That year, CanDO!™ started a contract with the City of Chicago, proving the viability of repairing containers. We also showcased our cart welding repair technology at the national Waste Expo conference, which helped gain traction in the market. Steve began to develop relationships with the container manufacturers to help with cart Assembly and Distribution projects.



CanDO!™ began welding thousands of plastic carts for the nation’s largest waste and recycling companies. Since then, we have prevented millions of pounds of HDPE from going into landfills by repairing broken carts and recycling carts that could not be repaired.   



Mr. Fenzl saw that there were other service opportunities in the waste and recycling industry related to plastic carts. He noticed that many of the plastic carts that were in repair were the result of waste haulers losing service contracts.

He saw that there was a need for a service provider who could provide assembly and distribution services for the delivery of the new carts as well as someone who could remove the old carts from the street and refurbish them for reuse. With this vision, CanDO!™ focused efforts on organization, logistics, and technology, which enabled CanDO!™ to become one of the leading service providers of assembly and distribution services for the waste industry. 



CanDO!™ started providing cart warranty services for cart companies and on-street ticket services for waste haulers in Southern CA. In 2003, CanDO!™ distributed carts to several cities throughout Southern California for a large hauler, and the containers performed at a higher than normal failure rate. At that time, welding became a game-changer, because the cart manufacturer could not keep up with the pace of the hauler’s cart inventory replenishment needs. The innovation in cart repair, the huge cost savings, and the dramatic sustainability impact were ahead of the times. A leading national waste hauler approached Steven with an opportunity in Southern California to provide long-term, permanent container management services to their largest residential collection operation in the country. These services included on-street cart delivery, removal and exchanges, cart washing, poly-welding, inventory management, and warranty processing.  CanDO!™ provided cost savings to the hauler by maximizing their container assets through poly-welding broken carts, washing and repairing carts that were previously discarded, and processing and claiming all broken carts under warranty in order to reduce their capital spend on new containers. 



CanDO!™ expanded services into the Pacific Northwest market via referral for cart maintenance in Seattle, WA. We also began our Clean-A-Can service, cleaning residential and commercial containers on the street with mobile wash trucks.



We expanded our services in Seattle into metal operations, repairing FEL and REL containers for solid waste collecting as well as fabricating steel door retrofits for intermodal containers.


CanDO!™ expanded to the Four Corners market via referral, providing residential container management services customized for each individual customer and site.



CanDO!™ began the custom development of a GPS software platform that provides photographic service verification for on-street actions. This was a big jump for the business and the value of the service (photo verification was unheard of before this time). Mr. Fenzl’s passion for technology and providing the highest possible level of service helped him to create the industry’s only container management-specific software program with photo verification.  This software improved the company’s operating efficiency and provided critical service verification data back to the waste hauler.  This technology and data improved the level of customer service and contributed to the growth of CanDO!™.



CanDO!™ began our contract with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) for our Clean-A-Can service, washing front load bins on-site with a mobile wash truck.



CanDO!™ expanded operations into Texas with a national hauler at several sites providing residential container management services.


CanDO!™ hit a milestone performing over 400,000 annual work orders at a 99.56% accuracy rate, verified by their software program. That same year, CanDO!™ played a key role in planning and implementing the largest commercial franchise contract in the history of the solid waste industry for the City of Los Angeles, recycLA. The many years of logistics experience and visionary leadership enabled CanDO!™ to work with the franchise haulers to create a plan to audit and deliver over 80,000 commercial customers. CanDO!™ was instrumental in supporting the success of several haulers by providing auditing services, zero waste services, container exchanges, and colorization of tens of thousands of containers.



This marks another record-setting year for CanDO!™ with new operations coming online in Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina for national haulers. We also re-branded 10,000 metal commercial containers over six months in Austin, TX for a national hauler. As an industry leader, CanDO!™ continued to grow across the United States and are working to provide innovative and creative solutions to the waste and recycling industry.  



In December of 2019 FleetGenius, LLC acquired CanDO!™. 



FleetGenius has continued our growth with new operations in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky, Minnesota, Florida and Michigan.  FleetGenius also completed the acquisition of WV Fabricating in Pittsburgh, PA which helped strengthen the company’s position as a leading provider of metal repair and maintenance services in that region.   FleetGenius has made key investments in equipment, technology and infrastructure to prepare us for future growth.



On January 1, 2021, in order to better represent our greatly expanded market presence and our key role as a trusted partner to sustainability-focused organizations, we rebranded as “FleetGenius.” This rebranding is tied to the value proposition sought by our valued customers: improved customer experience and increased sustainability through outsourced logistics and asset management utilizing our proprietary cutting-edge technology platform. We are proud to have grown from a regional company to a recognized national services provider with further expansion underway into new markets in the United States and abroad. 


​On January 1, 2021, CDSRVS, LLC and Container Management Group, LLC (collectively, CanDO!™) rebranded as “FleetGenius”. This rebranding is tied to the value proposition sought by our customers: improved customer experience and increased sustainable logistics and asset management services utilizing our proprietary cutting-edge technology platform.

We are very proud to build upon our heritage and to keep the same CanDO!™ attitude and customer-centric culture that our clients have known for over 20 years as their trusted partner, while growing our team and executing extensive internal development of new technologies and refined processes focusing on sustainability.

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