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Why should you care about our live on-street task management dashboard?

Your customer service team will love you if they have access to it!

Look up the status of any ticket assigned in real time to know exactly what has taken place on street today (or in the past), and see what other tickets are pending that are scheduled for the same day. View photos, time stamp, and geo-location for each completed/attempted ticket, helping you to provide faster service verification to your residents if they call Customer Service for an update. We are proud to help reduce your time-consuming internal ticket escalations and eliminate unnecessary calls, texts, and emails trying to get status updates from your on-street employees.


Below is a service verification link example (this is a public web link that is supplied for every ticket action that you can open in your internet browser or send directly to your end customer):

We can even take this one step further to set up live text or email updates directly to your end customer so they can get notifications about when their service is scheduled, and when it was completed with access to the service verification link. Interested in learning more? Give us a shout:




FleetGenius, LLC would like to introduce our customers to Tricia Ponce De Leon, our Chief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer.  Ms. Ponce De Leon joined FleetGenius in March of 2020, as CFO  and was given additional responsibilities as COO in October.

Tricia has over 20 years of experience in the environmental industry in the United States leading both finance and operational teams. Ms. Ponce De Leon brings with her strong solid waste operations management knowledge and expertise plus a finance background. We are thrilled to have Tricia as part of the FleetGenius team! 

This year Ms. Ponce De Leon has played a strong role in leading our team to collaborate across all facets of the business from finance to operations across the country. 

Ms. Ponce De Leon has been working closely with our Chairman and CEO, Andreas Gruson, and President, Steven Fenzl, to help strengthen our internal structure and connect the dots between operations, finance, and technology in order to deliver the highest quality service to our valued customers.

Tricia commented, “I’m excited to see the technology come alive supporting our on-street and yard operations, and how it supports our customers.”

To help you get to know Tricia a little better, we have included a summary of her experience and background:  

From 2004-2018, Ms. Ponce De Leon served Republic Services as General Manager and Controller for multiple sites in the Southwestern region of the United States. Previously, Tricia has demonstrated success in general and financial management roles at Fortune 300 companies and at privately held start-ups, operating in highly competitive customer-focused situations.  She also has extensive experience in managing turnarounds as a consultant. Tricia immigrated to the United States from the Philippines in 1984, and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Arizona State University. 

Tricia has been an active member of industry associations including the National Waste & Recycling Association Women’s Council, The Business Mentor Team, Solid Waste Association of North America, and the San Diego Region Chamber of Commerce. She has also served as a board member for the Shirley G. Schmitz Foundation, the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce, Keep Phoenix Beautiful, and the San Diego County Disposal Association.

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Commercial Front-End Loader containers are valuable assets to waste and recycling haulers.  Most haulers do not have the required resources to effectively and efficiently manage their container inventories and daily deliveries, swaps, and removals.  FleetGenius eliminates the headache of managing your commercial containers and provides significant cost savings to your operations.  Across the country, we provide comprehensive container management services to municipal, private, and national solid waste and recycling hauling customers. 

While performing your daily commercial container service requests (deliveries, removals, swaps, etc.), all work order data is available in real-time including photo service verification with geocodes and time stamp (please reference our on-street task management dashboard, above).  Additionally, at the end of each day, FleetGenius provides all service verification data with a public link for each ticket performed that can be accessed by your dispatch and customer service teams and emailed to your commercial customers.


Our commercial container management services can also include cleaning and deodorizing, minor and major repairs, painting and stickering. FleetGenius's complete container management program encompasses a system of services that will organize, repair, and track your inventory as well as provide and track all container movements in the field. 


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