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What is OCR and what does it have to do with the management of your containers?

Optical character recognition (OCR) is the electronic conversion of images from printed characters into machine-encoded text. We use OCR technology to capture the serial number on your cart from an image using our mobile device, so we can avoid data entry human error caused by manual typing of the text as well as increase the speed of the documentation process. We use OCR technology in the yard for documentation and transparency of all yard actions including washing, poly-welding, warranty processing, and scrap processing.

How does OCR help with residential cart warranty management?

With FleetGenius you have a 3rd party evaluator to administer your warranty claims. FleetGenius ensures that all requested warranty claim documentation details are provided to cart manufacturers. Providing the best claim submissions with complete transparency enables you to successfully and consistently recover on claims for defective containers. Our technology platform is enabled with OCR capabilities which enables us to quickly and accurately capture the cart serial number as well as an image of the cart. We provide detailed reporting to you for easy submission to your container manufacturer(s). With this data we track and report the process so you will know exactly how many containers are being submitted for warranty, how many are being honored under warranty, and how much money you are saving instead of having to purchase a brand new cart.

  OCR Captures  

  Serial Number  

T13 088548

 Warranty Submission 

 from Mobile Device   



FleetGenius, LLC  would like to introduce our customers to Andreas Y. Gruson, our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Gruson acquired control of our operations in December 2019. 

Andreas has over 25 years of experience in the environmental services industry in the United States and Latin America and has played a vital role in reinvigorating our company to be a stronger partner for our customers across the United States.  Mr. Gruson brings with him a stellar reputation, deep industry knowledge and expertise, long-standing relationships, and strong corporate finance background.  We are thrilled to have Andreas as part of the FleetGenius team!  

In the first six months of this year alone, through the pandemic, Mr. Gruson secured a large traditional bank credit facility with one of the top commercial banks in the United States, strengthened our balance sheet, orchestrated the largest purchase of trucks and specialty equipment in our history, and oversaw the hiring of key personnel in the Finance and Sales functions.  

Mr. Gruson has been working closely with our President, Steven Fenzl, to improve the institutionalization of our organization and to strengthen our already industry-leading technology backbone, all to deliver even higher quality service to our valued customers.


Andreas commented, “I’m humbled by the tremendous team we have at FleetGenius, and their amazing efforts every day to provide our customers with unparalleled service.  I’m super appreciative of the trust our customers place in us, and I’m excited about our opportunities to continue to grow with them as a trusted partner.”


To help you get to know Andreas a little better, we have included a summary of his experience and background:  


Since 2014, Mr.  Gruson has served as Executive Chairman of Compology, Inc., the leading container monitoring company in the US.  From 2017 to 2019, Mr. Gruson was Chairman of Estre Ambiental, Inc., a leading Brazilian waste management company.  Beginning in 2018 until October 2019, Mr. Gruson served as Chairman of Wastequip Inc., the leading US manufacturer of waste containers and truck-mounted waste conveyance bodies.  Until its sale to Veolia Environnement S.A. in May 2018, Mr. Gruson was Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee of Grupo Sala S.A., the leading environmental services company in Colombia. From 2004 to 2007, Mr. Gruson was Chairman and CEO of Regus Industries, LLC, a solid waste logistics and disposal company based in the Northeastern United States.

Mr. Gruson holds a Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Gruson is a member of the Leadership Committee and Board Member of the Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership at The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance.  Since 2015, Mr. Gruson has been a Director of Squash Urbano Colombia, a non-profit organization focused on bettering the lives of underprivileged children in Colombia through a rigorous combination of educational programs and the sport of squash.

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FleetGenius has helped save thousands of dollars in capital equipment expense for our customers with our container repair service and expertise. FleetGenius can provide comprehensive container repair services including bottom replacements, roll-off refurbishment and minor repairs and painting. 

Each year we repair thousands of containers throughout the country. We provide repair at our customers’ facilities and at our own repair shops. We have developed paperless repair tracking technology that captures before and after pictures, parts, serial numbers and labor time for each repair. Our dedicated teams are the best in the industry and can handle simple to complex repairs.

Refurbish & Repair – FleetGenius evaluates containers before any repairs take place to determine whether the repair costs will exceed our customers repair cost guidelines. If the potential repairs exceed our customers guidelines, the container is set aside for scrap. If the container can be repaired, our technicians prepare the surface, which could include sanding, scraping, sandblasting and washing. If the container needs minor repairs, we will do the appropriate patch and then it will be primed and painted. If the container needs major repairs, we may need to fabricate parts or use pre-formed parts including bottoms and pockets. Our team can perform any type of major repair, including bottom replacements, door fabrication, rail replacements, complete rebuilding of intermodal and roll-off containers.


Painting FleetGenius provides complete container painting services for any size container from 1yd bins to 40yd roll-off containers. We properly clean and prepare each container and control the paint delivery in painting booths. This combination ensures a smooth and even finish. FleetGenius meets all state regulations for painting metal containers.


Labeling FleetGenius provides relabeling service for any container type. From the one-off container to labeling thousands of containers, FleetGenius can stick to it!


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