Putting a new cart system into place can be one of the most critical periods in the acceptance of a new system for your customers. By letting industry leader FleetGenius handle your container deployment and/or removal, you are free to focus your efforts on maintaining your existing business. We can handle the job from start to finish: the receipt of containers from the manufacturer; inventory and tracking of the received carts for capital cost control; and the final unit assembly, labeling, and delivery to your customers’ curb or roadside addresses.


FleetGenius can effectively handle each project from the start to finish. This project lifecycle begins with receiving and staging containers from the manufacturer, continues with managing inventory and tracking each asset received, and finishes with final assembly, labeling and delivery to the customer. FleetGenius 's detailed and organized system for deployments ensures accurate results and the control of capital costs. 

FleetGenius is an industry leader with over 100 years of combined management experience in the waste and recycling industry. By contracting with FleetGenius to handle the delivery and or removal of your containers, you can remain focused on managing critical aspects of your business.

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