Bins are some of your most valuable assets. Most companies do not have the resources to effectively and efficiently manage their container inventories. This often leads to skyrocketing yearly capital equipment expenses, workers comp injuries, and poor customer service. FleetGenius eliminates the headache of managing your containers and helps provide significant cost savings for your operations. FleetGenius helps you focus on critical revenue-generating activities and provides you with peace of mind knowing that your valuable assets and customers are in capable hands.


All of our service data is available in real-time along with GPS coordinates and tracking. This real-time data quickly resolves customer service issues and provides up-to-the-minute service verification. At the end of the day, FleetGenius uploads the data to your RMS software from which your staff can access.

All bins in need of repair travel to our container repair department. First, a FleetGenius  team member cleans and deodorizes each unit. Next, we identify the repair issue, which could include wheels, lids, minor repairs, bottoms and paint.


From beginning to end, each container is tracked and cared for in a controlled and organized system. FleetGenius delivers bottom-line savings to your company with outstanding customer service.

FleetGenius provides complete container management services to municipal, private and national solid waste customers. Complete container management encompasses an entire system of services that begins with organizing, repairing and tracking your metal bin inventory.

We upload those work orders to our route optimization software, which generates the most efficient route possible for our drivers. We employ task management software that enables route data on our drivers’ phones and tablets. The driver follows the optimized route for the delivery, removal, or exchange of the carts specified in the work order. The driver records each service in our software with a picture and notes.

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