FleetGenius's bulky item collection is one of the most injury-prone and inefficient services in the waste industry is Bulky Item Collection. Over the years our customers have grown to rely on us to provide this difficult service, and we have risen to the challenge! We have perfected our processes of providing Bulky Item Collection in a safe and efficient manner. With use of our customized Rouditor software, our routing department coordinates and balances daily the routes based on a variety of factors including item type, quantity, and size.


During the Bulky Item Collection, our driver keeps track of his route by recording the pickup of each stop with before and after pictures, route notes, and GPS coordinates of each pickup. This information is available to our customers in real-time, and our ability to provide photographic service verification proves invaluable when resolving potential customer service issues.

For our customers, FleetGenius continually demonstrates that the Bulky Item Collection service offering is cost-effective, reduces exposure, and increases the level of customer service for their own customers and municipal contracts.

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